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Michèle Rafferty - C.O.C.

Michèle Rafferty has an extensive background in movement and is inspired by many disciplines that complement Ohashiatsu®  — Kripalu Yoga, Laban dance movement, Feldenkrais technique, and Qigong. Michele studied Ohashiatsu® with Ohashi sensei and several Certified Instructors. She graduated in New York City in 2019 before moving to France.

As a Certified Ohashiatsu® Consultant, she takes care to learn each client’s needs, find what works best for them,  and build a mutual bond of trust over the course of many sessions. She enjoys refining the skills of  feeling and listening in order to help her clients release tension, overcome stress and anxiety, as well as ease physical problems. She says “The joy of the healing process remains the same from when the client walks through the door, lies down, to when I sit down next to them to begin the session.